Gigs, Gigs & More Gigs

With a little bit of Serious thrown in

Rest time is over….. Thanks Goodness!

Starting with this Weekend! 

Saturday will be spent rehearsing with Cover Me Crazy for our gig next week…. Finalising some new songs into our sets, I can’t wait for you all to hear them.

Then Sunday I’ll be performing at the Pittwater Country Music Concert. It’s hosted by Geoff Williams and I’ll be sharing the stage with Mick White, Alita Fahey, Wayne Docherty, The Pittwater Playboys.   Join us for a fun afternoon of music & Line Dancing.

Then bring on May!!    5 Gigs happening next Month, The first one at Ramsgate RSL on the 6th.  See Below for the rest of the Dates.
In these blogs I am hoping to give you all a little view at who I am while I’m not on stage, and there is something that I wanted to let you all know (for those of you who don’t know already).


Loosing my leg 5 years ago was a HUGE change in my everyday life and it came with a lot of new things to overcome, include Depression & Anxiety. And most days I can handle it but unfortunately some times & some people make it hard. It is quite easy to give in but then life would be really miserable.
Two things…. 1. I will not let these people get to me anymore…. 2. Karma may take it’s time but it does come,

If someone around you is suffering please do not take advantage. It makes things 10 times worse and can push us further down than we already might be.  Who ever said Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me were wrong…. Words hurt the worst and leave deeper scars.

All we need is an ear to listen to us or maybe even a distraction…..  If it is someone as stubborn as I am…… Well to take words from a song I wrote…. “I don’t need you to save me, I need you to stand by my side As I save myself”   Fighting To Win

Ok, enough serious stuff now…  Lets talk about gigs!!    Below is a run down of the next month (with my last gig in April thrown in *hehe*)
Lots to keep me going!   Until Next Time…..

Much Love


  • Fri



    Aimee Hannan Band

    255 Henry Lawson Dr, Georges Hall

  • Fri



    Aimee Hannan Band

    255 Henry Lawson Dr, Georges Hall


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